Growth & Strenght Pack

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How to grow her hair and avoid breakage (due to dry hair )?

1/-4 ingredients that promote hair growth,
2/-The ingredient that moisturizes the hair, fights drought and breakage,
3/-The capillary routine.



Sulfur : Aid in the production of keratin and collagen. Collagen and keratin are paramount in the production of healthy hair and nails.
Pungent nettle leaf : rich in minerals (keratin growth inducer).
Brittle hair due to dry hair. Ingredient to keep hair hydrated and eradicate dryness: emollient. Thanks to the latter, the water will remain tied to the hair. So he's going to stay hydrated.

Hair Routine
Simple gestures and regular care habits. Products adapted to its type of hair.


Find these ingredients in our Growth & Strenght Pack. It contains: 

-1 food supplement "e-draPoussePLUS" of 3 months;

-1 Hair repair (synergy of 6 vegetable oils); 

-1 Tote bag.