e-draPousse PLUS - Hair Vitamin Boosters - 1 Month Supply

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Pillbox of 60 capsules 

1 Month Supply = 1 pillbox

Made in France


e-draPousse PLUS - Faster hair growth - Healthy Hair Vitamin Boosters were formulated to nourish your hair and follicles. Each capsule contains plants (nettle), the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need for stronger and longer hair.

Active melanin and decrease white hair.


Recommended for damage hair, hair loss, stress, breakage, increase volume, longer and stronger hair.

Capsule contains also amino acids and plants, including nettle.



Other Key Ingredients:


  • Zinc  promote healthy hair and scalp ;

  • Vitamins and nettle ;
  • MSM ;
  • Keratin to provides healthy hair, strong and growth ;
  • Magnesium promotes healthy blood circulation to the scalp ; 

  • Biotin (= Vitamin B8) supports existing hair growth, keratin production, and increases hair elasticity ;

  • Additional ingredients include : Vitamin B5, B6, contain Folic Acid and Calcium ;

  • Vegetable gelatin.




Adults, children between 12 years, take three capsules per day. Recommended for all hair types.

Recommended to pregnant women and breastfeeding.

 * For best results, 3 months are necessary.